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Who is DI?




Dealer Imaging is not simply a vendor; our desire is to become an esteemed part of your dealership family. Our passion is creating beautiful uniform images that reflect the heart and soul of each organization. We utilize our rich history and diverse expertise to assist you in building a brand recognition that highlights the value and quality you wish to present to your consumer. Our desire is to craft a look for your inventory that is so clean and recognizable that we will proudly reference your inventory as a testament to our unique skills.


We specialize in creating digital backgrounds so that we may focus on your individual needs when it comes to representing your inventory to a worldwide audience. Several companies offer "digital backgrounds" as part of their services, mostly as a hook to sell you on the entire package. At Dealer Imaging our goal is not to constantly sell you on upgrades and additional services, but to be here for you, to create backgrounds that represent your individual vision.


Loyd Jones - Founder & General Manager of Dealer Imaging, L.L.C.



You already market your inventory across multiple avenues of web-based advertising, why not maximize the effectiveness of your advertising by utilizing the space behind every vehicle. Dealer Imaging is the best value in digital backgrounds because we provide real professional graphic designers, in the U.S.A. that not only produce the most realistic edits possible, but our team manually checks every process of your system every day to ensure your clients only see the best of what you have to offer.


You may find foreign-produced or automated competitors for less, but remember, we will be happy to clean up the mess they make of your inventory.


  • Photo booths are expensive to build, expensive to maintain, and take up valuable space.

  • When using a photo booth to achieve a clean consistent background, someone must move the inventory to the booth, reposition the inventory for each shot (if you wish to keep your logos visible), and vehicles come in many shapes and sizes - booths are not one-size-fits-all.

  • Digital backgrounds allow you to photograph your inventory wherever it is most convenient; reducing time spent moving vehicles, and reducing overall time-to-market.

  • Dealer Imaging can replace backgrounds on your existing inventory to create an instant recognizable brand on your site and on any sites where your inventory is advertised.

  • You have direct 24 hr communication via email, text, and phone with the designers representing your account. If you want any changes, there is no need to submit a ticket, just give us a call -- directly.

  • Our team is composed of the most highly-skilled graphic designers that are trained to create realistic images by making backgrounds visible through the windows, making shadows that make sense for the lighting conditions, and never creating "floating" cars.


  • How many images do you edit?  That is up to you; we can edit the primary image for each car, or as many of your exterior photos as you would like.

  • Do you send the images to Autotrader, Ebay, Etc?  We upload the photos to your website via your provider. The images will then refresh on the next feed to your advertisers.

  • Are there any setup fees, minimums, or contracts?  No, no, and never. You pay for what we edit and nothing more. We use a per image fee rather than a monthly service charge. Our invoices include every stock number for easy auditing.

  • Is the background exclusive to our dealership/auto group, or will we see it on a competitor's site?  We offer exclusive licenses on any backgrounds designed by Dealer Imaging.



P.O. BOX 173




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